Our history ...

LAYLA COSMETICS is an Italian company based in Milan, the capital of fashion, which has produced and distributed its own high quality brand for over 60 years. It is the only Italian company that manufactures and markets its nail polish and also a wide range of make-up.
Commendatore Emanuele Rossetti, the founder of LAYLA COSMETICS, was the first to introduce nail polish in Italy and in the ‘30s he has invented the way to colour the life of Italian women, in a way that at the time was innovatory. Presently the fantasy and the composition of the shades of LAYLA’s cosmetic products, together with the management of the company, are in the hands of his daughter Mrs. Emma Rossetti, a woman with a lively imagination and strong determination.In continuous evolution, between tradition and modernity, LAYLA COSMETICS has a dynamical and flexible structure that operates efficiently and with infinite capacity. Our internal laboratories maximize the ability to adapt production to the demands of market, pursuing thus the perfecting of make-up.Strict microbiological controls are carried out on raw materials and on finished products, and for this reason LAYLA COSMETICS boasts the recognition of reliability released every year by RTC-UNIPRO (Cosmetic Research and Technology – Italian Perfumery Union).
Master of colour, with 1100 references LAYLA COSMETICS can satisfy the needs and desires of every woman, from the lady to the young girl, with authentic “Made in Italy” products. And in the new millennium it is synonym of research, quality, glamour and lot of love for Beauty.
Quality and research are constantly hold in consideration and yearly new products are presented in important exhibitions in the world and to the Italian and international press.
Together with this incredible product, Layla has a complete make up line, which has in Italy more than 3500 doors (including beauty and hair salons) and we have a very good presence in Douglas and Limoni. The make up line is composed by a big quantities of flexible displays/merchandisers for single products, which can be included (or substituted) in vertical and horizontal general tester with the complete make up line. In other words, if we can not enter a point of sale with the complete line, we can do it with small dispalys to be adapted in a small place. Due to the quality the whole line can offer we are conscious that we will get more and more space in every shop, who starts with one or more single products. This a big investment in p.o.s. material for Layla, but the results show us that all marketing supports oriented to the point of sale are paying off.


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